The secret to achieving what you never believed you could

What are your limitations?

“Our only limitations are those we set up in our own minds.”  This quote by Napoleon Hill in Think and Grow Rich got me thinking.

My limitations are what I perceive them to be, but … are they real? Yeah, maybe. But sometimes … maybe not. This set me on a train of thought.

It’s very easy to tell myself a story to justify avoiding challenges put before me; in fact, probably any sort of change.

I’ve tried to develop the practice of listening to myself … ‘hearing’ the stories I’m telling myself. It’s funny, but by doing that, I also started noticing that other people do it too. That other people tell themselves stories, make excuses that legitimise them not doing something or other. Continue reading “The secret to achieving what you never believed you could”

How to Throw a Fleece

Rural Australia

I recently had the opportunity to work in a woolshed as a woolhandler (more fondly known as 'rousabout'). Knowing how to throw a fleece is vital. I'm still learning. Sometimes they land nicely, sometimes not. 

Right is Sandy Batterham mid-throw. He has good height and it looks to be coming down nicely.

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