Mind Minders

Mind Minders

The conversations within …

When faced with a crisis its the conversations in your head that can make or break you.

Jay has found her real mother, Alice, and, seeing herself in the mirror for the first time in years, is deeply shocked. Her body is deteriorating rapidly due to her drug addiction. Jay faces a further crisis when her speed-addicted partner, Eric, makes a sale involving a toddler, screaming for her mother not to take the drug. How can Jay meet her mother and find out the mystery of her beginnings with her head held high, when her heart is torn with such shame.

​But what is happening in Jay’s mind as she wrestles with this conflict? The challenging side of her brain is desperate to drive the transformation but the protective side of her brain is equally enthusiastic to maintain the status quo. Who will win?

​Mind Minders takes a fascinating look inside Jay’s mind. It exposes the complexities and facets of her nature but most of all, Mind Minders reveals the dynamic power humans always have to change.

​This manuscript was short-listed (one of three) for the Horizon Publishing Group’s Outstanding Literary Awards.