Mind Minders

the inside story of addiction

Mind Minders

The conversations within ...

When faced with a crisis its the conversations in your head that can make or break you.

Jay has found her real mother, Alice, and, seeing herself in the mirror for the first time in years, is deeply shocked. Her body is deteriorating rapidly due to her drug addiction. Jay faces a further crisis when her speed-addicted partner, Eric, makes a sale involving a toddler, screaming for her mother not to take the drug. How can Jay meet her mother and find out the mystery of her beginnings with her head held high, when her heart is torn with such shame.

But what is happening in Jay’s mind as she wrestles with this conflict? The challenging side of her brain is desperate to drive the transformation but the protective side of her brain is equally enthusiastic to maintain the status quo. Who will win?

Mind Minders takes a fascinating look inside Jay’s mind. It exposes the complexities and facets of her nature but most of all, Mind Minders reveals the dynamic power humans always have to change.

This manuscript was short-listed (one of three) for the Horizon Publishing Group's Outstanding Literary Awards.

In this Book, You Will Discover:

The power we have to change

Sometimes we fight within ourselves to change. One part of us wants to change for to improve ourselves while another part wants to keep enjoying the momentary pleasures. This is the story of Jay's internal battle and as many of us do, Jay has to get very low before she can determine to change.

Repressed memories live on within

Everything that has ever happened to us is buried inside. Sometimes painful memories can remain hidden. Sometimes that's okay. Other times we need to draw out that pain, look at it again and shift our perceptions to find healing. Alice manages to do this in a moving, stirring confrontation within herself.

Power posturing is hiding insecurities

Narcissism, bullying, overbearing behaviour can be intimidating. But Eric shows us the reality. Despite his exuberant, confident self-belief, inside he is a broken little boy. Life forces us sometimes to bring alignment to what we believe about ourselves and what we want to believe about ourselves. Eric is given this opportunity. Can he do it?

We are happiest when we are aligned

Holding a value but behaving with different values brings cognitive dissonance. All three characters in this narrative must find a way to end their internal conflicts. Jay overcoming her addiction, Alice confronting her sexual repression, Eric his false self belief. All of them found their answers in ... Mind Minders


 Sarah Thornton

Fellow Writer

... blown away ... very powerful novel and very clever how you have been able to characterise the features of the brain and turn them into pseudo-people, scurrying around inside the mind, trying to hold it all together. I fell in love with The Challenger and The Executive, trying so hard to get everything right. I am in awe of your achievement and inspired to do some of my own writing. 

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Fellow Writer

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Mind Minders. The concept of personifying the main parts of the nervous system is personally appealing. As a literary device, the inner play added depth to the characters and showed how each one is predisposed by prior neurological patterning to particular actions and experiences. I think you worked this device well. The picture of Bob, a traumatized boy alone and forlorn in a small bare room, has archetypal power.


fellow writer

It was a pleasure to read and an excellent piece of writing. You are in your element when narrating the intense and complex life experiences associated with happenings that are out of the main stream of society, yet still very prevalent and relevant.

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