Beyond Belief

True Story

Beyond Belief:

True story of faith, denial and betrayal

What draws people deep into extreme religions and cults?

Come on Megan White’s journey as she becomes immersed in an extreme fundamentalist church. Learn how her desire to find meaning and purpose in life catches her in a trap that snaps shut around her and holds her paralysed. Though her life changing decision helps her to leave the drug scene, is she really free?

Soon learning a secret, Megan feels compelled to conceal the secret, despite the conflict it brings. How can she reconcile this secret to the high ideals of the church teachings which hold her spellbound?

Megan’s journey is a roller coaster ride as she desperately tries to free herself from the entrapment of the church's power, all the while wrestling with her own weaknesses and temptations.

We all need the courage to face the truth even when everything within us does not want to believe it. This story highlights the dangerous capacity we all have to deny truth, even when it is staring us in the face.

You cannot help but grow from reading Margôt's true story which is written as a fast-paced easy-to-read narrative. Beyond Belief was Margot's time to share the secrets she has held for so long, it was time to expose the truth. 

Most readers found the narrative compelling and some readers reported reading it one sitting!

In this Book, You Will Discover:

Our power to deny truth

It takes great courage sometimes to accept the truth when everything within does not want to believe it. Such was Megan's initial response when she learned of the hypocrisy in the church leadership. But truth always has away of emerging in the end.

The risk of holding faith with passion beyond reason

When we hold on to our ideals above all else, it can force us to hurt those nearest and dearest. Megan found those close to her also did not want to believe the truth and this caused them to let her down when she most needed them.

Sometimes we have to hit rock bottom before we can start to climb out

Unfortunately, Megan has to find rock bottom. Amidst the hypocrisy of the church leadership she has her own internal battles to fight. In the end she had to look inside herself for solutions.

We all have the power to open our eyes

We all must have the courage to challenge our beliefs and ideals. If we hold them too passionately we run the risk of hurting those around us and forcing ourselves more deeply into self denial until our lives become ... Beyond Belief.

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A riveting read that provoked much reflection about what it is to overcome an existential dilemma. Megan's story reminds us that we are our beliefs. When we choose to change them we are choosing to change ourselves. This is a brave and honest chronicle of what it is like when our beliefs are rocked to the core and the main casualty is the identity we have chosen for ourselves.  read more ...




“An incredible story. Makes me feel very lucky that strong women have gone before me and called out some of this behaviour. We are all human and this book reminds that sometimes that is a struggle but one better shared.”

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Beyond Belief is an exciting read. A personal account of a young impressionable woman caught up in the machinations of a Pentecostal, charismatic church. The story is interesting and at times captivating. It is also unique. No-one else has dared to put the spotlight on these churches before. I believe it is about time someone did and Margot rose to the task.