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This is Margot

Hi, I'm Margôt Tesch and my goal is to explore new ideas in my writing.

The Early Days

I grew up in suburban Brisbane in the 1960s and 1970s. Attracted to the 'big smoke', I hitchhiked to Sydney in the early 70's. I began my career as a stenographer and suffered the usual torments of overbearing, sexually inappropriate male bosses. Somehow I survived it and like so many others of my era, never complained. It seemed a woman's lot in life at the time. I'm glad society had shifted in this regard and that many young women I've spoken to these days say they have never encountered any problem. That's a heart-warming to hear and gives me hope for my daughters and granddaughters.


Finding an aptitude for machines and computers, I worked my way through: sales assistant, business analyst, project and program management until my skills were saleable and sought after.  I finished my consulting work on a high, working on the senior management team in Virgin Blue not long before they re-branded as Virgin Australia. The travel industry is vibrant and I loved working with the general managers and their zest for life. Some of them remain my friends to this day.

But working in the senior management team of a corporation is highly stressful. I needed to get out of the office and off my bum. So here I am partnering with Chris to run a cattle station. I've developed a range of new skills from stock management, vegetation management, fencing, gardening, quad bike riding and other rural necessities. You can peruse my blogs here to get a sense of some of my experiences.

What Drives Me Now

What drives me now is a hunger to learn and continue growing intellectually and emotionally. Though many of the jobs I do these days are physically oriented, I'm always plugged into a podcast or audio book. The knowledge domains that captivate me are: psychology, philosophy, religion, cultural theories, addiction, neuroscience, feminism ... and more.

Fitness is also important to me, as is taking on new physical challenges, like walking 60kms in a day, climbing a mountain, backpacking in Tasmania. Some challenges have proved more difficult than imagined ... but at least I know I'm alive. 

I welcome you to enjoy my work and encourage you to comment and leave feedback. The only way I can grow as a writer is if my readers talk to me. I look forward to hearing from you.

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